North East Circus History

These North East England circus profiles and notes are created from many 1st & 2nd hand sources, researched by the Family La Bonche. Including: documents & notes from Arthur Fenwick’s Scrapbooks held in the Tyne & Wear Archives; stories from NE based or visiting circus artists and NE circus communities, and documents from their personal archives; photos and articles from local newspapers; online research and, of course, some of our own stories too. The profiles form a time line from 1237 – 2013.

Zippos Circus

2013 Zippos Circus rarely visit the NE and in 2013 came to Gateshead, Metro Centre, with a stand in the car park. Proprietor Martin Burton. Zippos had a few animal acts and signs which stated that their vehicles ran on Chip Fat. They also run a school, to which Emma Bloomfield of Sunderland attended, now… [Read More]