Circus in Physical Education (2015-16)

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In partnership with Heaton Manor School and the University of Northumbria we undertook a 6 month project delivering circus in a School PE session at a Primary School in Newcastle. The results are significant in terms of the positive well being outcomes and are currently being written up for publication by Dr Nick Neave. Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Health & Life Sciences, and Faculty Director of Ethics Northumbria University.

” In a recent project funded by the Big Lottery, a research team at Northumbria University examined the influence of a structured programme of circus skills training on the psychological and emotional development of primary school children in the North east. In the sample of children engaging with the circus skills we found a clear reduction in emotional problems in pupil-rated and teacher-rated questionnaires. In a follow-up study we conducted interviews with the children and their teachers and we found that engaging with circus skills training led to significant positive influences on the children’s attitudes to school work, the curriculum and their personal and social development.” Dr. Nick Neave.