La Bonche…Who Are We? (2014-15)

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Young people from the Five Ring Circus explored the fascinating world of circus in the North East of England, through Arthur Fenwick’s the collection at the Tyne and War Archives, Newcastle upon Tyne, much of which they digitised. They collected oral histories and contemporary circus posters and artefacts, which they donated to the Archives and produced a book, an exhibition and big show as part of JUICE Festival 2013, here’s a review

The Project was supported by Heritage Lottery Fund; Lead by Helen Averley, Director of Circus Central; researched in partnership with T&W Archives & Discovery Museum and displayed in association with JUICE Festival 2013 – NewcastleGateshead’s award winning festival for children and young people. With thanks to National Fairground and Circus ArchivesGreat North Museum, Andrew Shail & Helen Freshwater (University of Newcastle) and all our circus networks of families, communities, teachers, artists & supporters.