Arthur Fenwick Collection
of Circus Handbills & Posters

This Gallery shows some of the wonderful circus ephemera which Arthur Fenwick collected. The posters and handbills are looked after by the Tyne & Wear Archives and we paid to get them digitised for the first time. It was difficult to make this selection from the amazing array of posters. The gallery spans the period 1818-1940s, possibly earlier – 1950s. It is tricky to say when most posters come from as they do not show the year. We have arranged them in a rough chronological order. All of these posters are shared here with the permission of the TW Archives and may not be reproduced. The posters are not on permanent display so if you are interested in seeing them you will need to arrange a visit to the reading room. The Fenwick Colllection number is 944 but each item has it’s own code.

From the Tyne & Wear Archives

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