Hanneford Family, in America with. Poodles Hanneford in the centre.

The Hanneford Family were well established circus artists working internationally especially in Britain & Ireland before the war.

Articles realting to the Hanneford family have been transposed retaining the language of the time. From various newspapers found in the British Libraries’ online archive, British Newspaper Archives; Tyne and Wear Archives, Fenwick Collection; The World’s Fair, the Showland newspaper held on microfiles at the National Fairground and Circus Archive, University of Sheffield. The American titles were found transposed online via the Circus Historical Society. There are some lovely photos of the Hanneford Canadian Circus in the Northern Ireland Public Records Office.



   Barnstable is to receive another visit from Hanneford’s Royal Canadian Circus and Menagerie. This is their third season in Great Britain. The show comprises the last word in circus business, including the famous Hanneford Family (four in number) so much commented upon during the last visit in 1913 who conclude their remarkable performance by jumping from the ring on the bareback of one horse while it is going at full gallop around the arena. Besides this truly startling item, there is a powerful new programme of other novelties, including the Four Human Aeroplanes, the Seven St. Lawrences, Mdile, Hackenbeck and her performing horse and elephant, “Manitoba” and “Wieniper”, and the fire horse, “Quebec”. There are also jugglers, trapezists, clowns, performing animals of many varieties.      

Not the least interesting item is the special engagement of “The Nine Men from Jo’burg.” The menagerie will be found to contain many fine specimens of lions, wolves, elephants, dromedaries, camels, monkeys &c.; also the recently born lion cubs, christened at Plymouth and Penzance. Hannefords have toured over the vast Dominion of Canada, and the Wild West for a number of years. They also produce a very realistic number viz. Pastimes in a Western Stockyard, showing the dexterity of cowboy and cowgirl, direct from the plains, in the use of lasso, lariat, and stockwhip; also the famous buck jumping horse, “Trouble”.

A very smart street pageant will take place at 1pm, weather permitting. The show will pitch at the Fair Ground, North Walk. There will be two performances, a full brass band accompanies the Show. The date of visit is Friday, July 10th, Reserved seats, 2s and 3s, also 1s unreserved, can be booked at Messrs. O. Nicking and Sons’ Music Warerooms, The Square.

2/7/1914 North Devon Journal



   Little Lizzie Hanneford, of the “Hanneford Family,” has received the highest compliments about her dancing and riding. But she has many other tricks up her sleeve which few people know about. Lizzie is a rope spinner, a wire walker, a tumbler, and Australian whip cracker, and singer. Rumor says that Lizzie has received ten letters containing proposals of marriage since the “Gardens” opening, but Lizzie is espoused to the suffrage cause and says until women get the votes, she will never marry, cross my heart, never!

1/5/1915 New York Clipper



Barnum & Bailey notes, by Ernest Anderson (The Mysterious Mountebank.) The Greatest Show on Earth is doing a great business in every town we strike. Up to the present we have not missed one parade. . . . Poodles Hanneford has been trying to tie himself in several knots with a lasso, under the guidance of Ten McLeod. Poodles is trying to execute the ocean wave, and he certainly does execute it. Lizzie Hanneford posed for some Wild West pictures, assisted by Paldo’s Horse, “Asthma.”


22/5/1915 New York Clipper





   Barnum & Bailey notes, by Ernest Anderson. The “Greatest Show on Earth” celebrated the “Glorious Fourth” at Fargo, N. Dak., and had to straw the folks, with an eight pole top. . . . Fred Bradna organized a fishing party for Jim, “the Fourth,” a short distance from Willmar, and though it rained all day it did not dampen the ardor of their spirits. “Poodle Hanneford,” of the Hanneford Family of equestrians, has organized a ball team, which is known as “Poodles Cockney’s.” They played Orrin Davenport’s All American team on 5, and defeated them, the score being 19 to 1, in favor of the “Cockneys.” After the game was over, Flat Iron was dismissed from the “All Americans,” and “Mickey” Graves was presented with an alarm clock of the “Big Ben” variety to keep him awake on bases. Chas. Siegrist, of the Siegrist Troupe of aerialists is learning to speak English, as he contemplates going to England for the coming winter, submarines permitting. . .

   Notes from Ringling Brothers Circus. We have at last decided upon a name for the new chimpanzee. It is agreed that she will be called Mlle. Jitney, and the christening party is to happen in the near future. Big Bingo is to act as Godfather.

17/7/1915 New York Clipper


c.. MARCH 1916



   John Ringling came to see us in Spain, where our Royal Canadian Circus is performing for the 2015/16 season. We are going to go to the USA, we have been offered a contract with Barnum and Bailey for Easter 1917.

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