Visiting the Discovery Museum’s Stores

We’ve had a good snoop round the stores in the Discovery Museum. Some of the Fenwick Collection lives in this part of the building too. See photos on Facebook

Following in Fenwick’s Footsteps

La Bonche family interview the VERY SAME circus performer who appeared in Fenwick’s archives over 50 years ago! by Squeezebox Rosie Arthur Fenwick did not just collect newspaper articles for his scrapbooks, but was also close friends with many circus owners and performers whose anecdotes and correspondence greatly enrich and enliven the archive. Keen to… [Read More]

Fantastic Headlines from the Archives

Since we started this research into the Fenwick Collection at the T&W Archives, we’ve always loved looking at the Scrapbooks. Each page seems to give us a new exciting headline. They are careful cut out and stuck into the pages, with Arthur’s blue ink notes to tell us the dates and other snippets of information…. [Read More]